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now that i have a job i have some money...not quite enough to buy EVERYONE gifts, but at least enough to buy some pretty stationary or cards or something to send to friends.

so what this means for you exactly is, you can send me your address here and i'll try to at least send you a card! they might come really early or really late, but i'll try my best...!

so even if i don't know you that well, or you're thinking "oh i can't ask her to send me a card i barely know her" or "we haven't been as close lately" or things like that...if you're on my flist, or i link you from plurk to this post, you most certainly are deserving of getting a card from me if you'd like one.


also if you have any allergies to anything (i wont be sending food or anything, but maybe some candies) please let me know!

comments are screened and anon is enabled if you don't have a LJ account you can use! i'd prefer all addresses to be here for neatnesses sake.
Tags: christmas, christmas cards
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