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feeling a bit better. sorry about that last post, LJ. it's just hard to deal with things when you let go of close friends for awhile, and when someone you trusted and even loved once turns out to be a massive fucking petty asshole. but w/e w/e.

update on my life for those not on my plurk; i got a job at the fortinos by my house, i'm finally a florist.

i have plans in january to go to a con in quebec if i can, and i have plans to take a bus to otakon with becca too. these both depend on if i can make enough money in time, so of course i'm saving up what i can with the occasional minor purchase on the side.

i'm addicted to disgaea 4- finally a N1 game that isn't phantom brave that i'll actually grind in. haha. all my N1 muses that were not meant to be in the past are coming up again, and oh how i long to play them all (yay). i'm planning on apping emizel to demeleier along with ness, vaati, and an OC of mine named diamant; as well as claus and viktor at that new sinnoh pokemon game, haha.

aside from all that, trying my best to get back in my normal swing of things. i have a girlfriend and she is lovely. there are a lot of bumps i need to get over, but i think this is good for me. we can work through things as long as we talk. my meetings with my therapist help a lot too, i wish i could meet her more recently since i stock up all these bad things and i could really use her advice... but when i tell her about them she always lets me know i made the right decision and just need some time to heal so... hopefully she's right.

sorry about not being around much, LJ. my life isn't interesting enough to dump proper entries haha.
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